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    1410 Kensington Square Ct., Ste. 103, Murfreesboro, TN 37130
  • Office: 615-900-1659 |Fax: 615-912-9997 | Email: info@braxtonmedicalclinic.com
Braxton Medical Clinic

Braxton Direct Access Plan for patients without insurance or insurance with high deductibles:

Enrollment fee $45
$50 per month with automatic bank draft (ACH)
If you pay in full ($600) or $300 every 6 months, enrollment fee will be waived.

What you get are:
One Wellness exam/Physical exam per year, includes:

  • Diabetes screening.
  • Hypertension screening.
  • Kidney disease/failure screening.
  • Prostate or cervical cancer screening.
  • Cholesterol and Triglyceride screening.
  • Thyroid disease screening.
  • EKG for screening of heart disease.
  • Comprehensive screening exam/physical exam
  • Basic labs/diagnostic tests (TSH, A1C, Lipid panel, CBC, and CMP, plus PSA(men) or PAP smear(women))

Exclusive benefits are:

  • Unlimited clinic/telemedicine Visits for any medical condition/illness.
  • Direct contact to a provider 24/7. You will have the provider’s cell phone and email.
  • Extended visits which have proven to provide best results.
  • Flexibility for your busy schedule.
  • Easy appointment set up via phone call or text or email.
  • Available by phone, text, or email whether you’re in town or on vacation/travelling.

We understand that your needs may change with time. If you need to cancel, please provide a 30-day notice.